About AEC Foundation


The Australian Edu-care Foundation (AEC Foundation) was established by founding members in their desire to make a positive difference towards establishing groundation for people who have knocked on the door of awakening through many modalaties such as yoga, meditation, and the sciences as well as other complimentary modalities; they are all symbolically a part of the tapestry of rivers that run to the ocean.

Established with humble beginnings in Bali over 15 years ago as the Bali edu-care centre, the AEC Foundation is taking another step towards incorporating two more legs to its foundation being Australia and Nepal.

Our core beliefs       

Discipline with Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom equals Unity, Love and Service to fellow mankind.

We believe in sharing these tools to those ‘knocking on the door of awakening to know thyself’.

The Teachings

The teachings of the AEC Foundation are reflected from masters of the past and present who have paved the way for mankind to follow. The teachings do not follow any religion but take from all religious teachings, believing that the sciences and spirituality are husband and wife – and inseparable from the beginning of time, and that the underlying thread that binds them all is love.

Our Service to Children

Children are the future masters and teachers of the AEC Foundation so one of the main area’s of service is through education of the children.

There is great importance put on the process of ‘knowing thyself’ and ‘helping others on all levels’ – from great to small – to know their true selves and open their heart to service , empathy and compassion.

The AEC Foundation has no hierarchy or guru’s to follow yet it shines in the light of reflection and  presence of the great masters teachings as a respect to the work it takes to achieve the heights of theses great Hu-man beings.

Every body is a student and every body is a teacher – following and embodying an important philosophy of the foundation, as everyone has something to add to the tapestry of life.

The goal of this foundation is to create a central point of spiritual vibration, and through education towards self knowledge of Wisdom and Understanding- create a vortex of electro magnetic energy – to draw more positive vibration too it enabling it to become like our own sun, bringing warmth and light to those desiring its radiance.

When the student is ready….

The Buddhist have a saying: ‘when the student is ready the teacher will appear’.

Our desire is that when the student is ready, the teachings of the AEC foundation will appear; and our aim is to assist in guiding that this step is taken towards self knowledge and brotherhood.

Upcoming Events… Nepal Retreat.